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Have you been arrested for the illegal cultivation of marijuana? Our firm provides exceptional criminal defense to marijuana growers who are cultivating without a card as well as medical marijuana growers who have a card and have run afoul of the rules that govern the cultivation of medical marijuana.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Colorado marijuana cultivation lawyers have decades of combined experience and have a record of success in offering criminal defense to our clients. Attorney Scott Jurdem is a member of NORML and is a former Director of the Offices of the Public Defender in Colorado Springs and Denver.

Our firm's experience allows us to create winning defense strategies that can help you secure the best possible resolution to your case.

Marijuana Cultivation Lawyer in Colorado

Medical marijuana growers sometimes fall into trouble with the law because some of the individuals whom they are supplying may not have cards for medical marijuana use. The police may believe that your operation is illicit and focused on recreational marijuana use. One step we can take in such a case is the gathering of medical marijuana cards from your clients. It may be possible to validate the number of plants that you have through a showing of enough medical marijuana cards.

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