Facing Federal Crimes

The simple fact is that most Federal Criminal Charges result in sentences to the Bureau of Prisons. While the overwhelming majority of first offenders are sentenced to Probation in State Court, Federal felony prosecutions ordinarily result in sentences to prison. Lengthy mandatory prison sentences are the norm, not the exception in Federal Court. This, coupled with the overwhelming resources of the United States Attorney's Office, makes it more important than ever to have the most experienced federal criminal defense lawyer in your corner. A lawyer with a track record of success in Federal Court is a must for any person accused of a Federal Crime.

Colorado Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder federal criminal defense attorneys have a trial tested relationship of mutual respect with the Office of the United States Attorney in this District, extensive experience negotiating with these federal prosecutors and experience trying cases and defending many, many clients in Federal Court Proceedings. Our clients rely on us for our knowledge, relationships with Federal prosecutors and Judges, skill and preparation in handling even the most serious, difficult and complex criminal defense. Federal charges are in a different league from Colorado State Court matters threatening devastating, life-altering consequences for those accused of a federal crime.

The attorneys at Jurdem, LLC, are experienced at answering questions and providing the essential legal advice and representation necessary to defend you in a wide range of federal criminal court practice areas, including:

Federal prosecutors are aggressive, intelligent and well trained. They have a broad array of resources at their disposal. Your best chance of a successful resolution rests with an attorney who is experienced at defending clients against this level of prosecution. The Boulder federal crime lawyers at Jurdem, LLC, have decades of experience defending individuals against the most serious and complex charges.

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